Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The End Result Blog Leadership for the New World of Work

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you did, but people never forget how you made them feel.”
~ Maya Angelou

As the fabric of generations shifts in the work place, and the “new normal” progresses, traditional leadership practices are being questioned and examined. As more Baby Boomers retire, as Gen X continue to look for work-life balance, and as Gen Y move into business settings, leadership expectations have changed.

Jack Zenger, one of the most respected thought leaders is asking the question: Should your company be investing more heavily in its’ Gen Y executives? – see article on Forbes website

Jack’s correct – new leadership perspectives are needed and organizations must begin the process of education, skill development and enlightenment much sooner and with a different focus than the standard command and control authoritative style. Leadership development has taken on a new patina as it responds to the changing demographics and expectations in the workplace. A different environment is needed that includes:



Consistent Communication





Building Effective Business Relationships

We’ll be exploring each of these categories in future blogs.

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